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What Can United DHIA Do For You?

Learn about our DHI testing services, pregnancy testing services, ID tags, and DHI record-keeping computer software offerings below.

Testing with United DHIA

Our Field Technicians usually visit farms 10-12 times per year where they collect milk weights and milk samples. These tests help producers track upcoming events and records for each cow that is on test. If you are interested in becoming a member and being on test, please take a look at our types of tests below or please feel free to give us a call. Also if you are interested in lab services as a non-member please give our lab a call we will be happy to discuss our services with you.

Milk Pregnancy Testing

The IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test is the first true milk-based test for improving efficiency of reproductive programs in dairy herds. It complements current early pregnancy detection methods by monitoring pregnancy status and identifying open cows.

Milk Pregnancy Testing Lab Form

Blood Pregnancy Testing

We offer BioPRYN® testing, which produces fast results and has been developed for use exclusively in cattle. The test uses enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) technology for processing, which contributes to its low cost and fast turn-around.

For blood pregnancy supplies, call 540-835-0012 or email uniteddhia.anitaq@gmail.com.

Learn more about blood pregnancy testing.
How to collect samples & ship this test.
BioPRYN Pregnancy Test Sample Submission Form (to include with sample shipments)


Supervised DHI Testing

Our Field Technician will come on the farm and collect milk weights and milk samples to be shipped to the lab. After collecting data, and other recorded events they will either enter the information on their computer or if available an on-farm computer using PCDART software. To collect this data the Technician will bring meters on your farm (if you don’t already have meters) and set up to each milking unit. You can decide how many milkings you want to be tested on test day either for 2x or 3x you can have all milkings or just one or two milkings if a 3x.  Some producers choose to have samples taken at one milking and weights taken for all milkings.

Unsupervised DHI Testing (Owner-Sampler)

We also offer Owner-Sampler.  Milk weights and samples are taken by someone other than the Field Technician such as the dairy farmer or someone else on the farm. Also someone other than the Field Technician is responsible for entering data into PCDART or you can mail in the data and one of our Lab Technicians will input the data into PCDART for you.

ID Tags

To order ID Tags, please see the links provided below.


Here at United DHIA we support PCDART software and PocketDairy software that is developed by DRMS. PCDART is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP or Vista. You need 2 GB of free hard drive space and internet access or dial up (although internet is not required). To enroll in PCDART please contact our DHIA office, the software has a monthly membership fee based on herd size. PCDART helps producers track information in between test days and provides access to a range of reports and graphs to monitor your herd. Each cow also has an individual cow page with her records. PCDART allows you to track timed AI, along with calving dates, dry dates, etc. You also have access to make user-defined chores and protocols.

PocketDairy offers the same aspects as PCDART such as individual cow pages, to-do lists for breeding, calving, dry-off, and reports while you are away from the primary computer. Also hold meat and hold milk alerts are available. Also for herds that use RFID (radio frequency identification) they are able to connect via Bluetooth to RFID wands.

Recently PocketDairy is now available to be used on Android smartphones and Android tablets. The ability to input data will be available in 2012. PocketDairy is also available in different languages.

You can use PocketDairy on unlimited devices for a low rate but you must have the newest version of PCDART installed on your primary computer

​For more information you can visit the DRMS website at DRMS.org.


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