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What Is The PCDART & PocketDairy Software?

Great for Herds of Any Size! From 13 to 13,000 Cows

Affordable Monthly Fee with No Large Upfront Purchase!


No Charge Unlimited Technical Support!

Use in the Field with PocketDairy Phone Application!

Herd Data Collection & Management

  • Retains All Data Recorded During Each Animal’s Lifetime.
  • Used by Herds Ranging in Size From 13 to 13,000 Cows.
  • Edit System Ensures Proper Information is Recorded on the Correct Animal.
  • Can Exchange Data With Over 25 Milking Machine, Robotic and Heat Monitoring Systems.
  • Herd Management Analysis With Drill Down Capabilities Available Through Activity Tracker, Conception Tracker, Maternity Tracker, Heifer Tracker and Inventory Tracker.
  • Access to Money Corrected Milk.
  • Powerful Timed AI Management System.
  • Robust Embryo Transfer Capabilities to Effectively Track Donor Dams, Recips & Implantation Date.
  • Hoof Care Events Can Be Recorded as Health Events & Hoof Care History Can Be Viewed in a Standard Report.
  • Easily Import Genomic Test Result Data & Create Custom Reports to Utilize the Data.
  • Import Mating Files & Breed Classification Data.
  • Scatter & Line Graphs for Cow & Herd Data.
  • Close-up Group Module to Ensure Proper Movement and Analysis of Transition Cows.
  • Easy Data Exchange With Veterinarians, Nutritionists, Heifer Growers and DHI Staff.

Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Optional Low Cost Cloud Backups That Can Be Shared With Consultants.
  • Access to Award-Winning Companion Mobile Programs.
  • Flexible & Extensive Protocol & Chore Management System.
  • Flexibly Import Non-standard Files & Data Through Powerful Edit System.
  • Network Capability With Multiple Computers.

Customizable and Easy To Use!

  • Simple Windows Based Point & Click.
  • Customizable User-Defined Fields & Graphs.
  • Available in English & Spanish.
  • Affordable Monthly Fee With No Large Up-Front Purchase.
  • No Charge for Unlimited Technical Support.
  • Comprehensive Default Reports & Unlimited Custom Reports.


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