United DHIA 
Phone: 540-552-2541

About Us

​        United DHIA is an organization of herds from five states working together to offer a cost effective way to provide dairy management records, to help producers maintain a healthy herd and return a profit. We have over 60 years of experience as an organization providing information to member and non-member dairymen.

        Today, we have 25 Field Technicians going to farms to collect data and milk samples on a monthly basis and then they send samples to the lab located in Radford, Va via UPS or FedEx. We test around 65,000 samples per month. Our lab provides component testing such as butterfat, protein and somatic cell testing as well as milk urea nitrogen (MUN) testing  to members and non-members. We are able to send field and lab information to the processing center, Dairy Records Management System (DRMS) in a timely fashion; our turnover rate is usually within one business day. Then records are compiled and sent back to member herds.  If you have a milk sample that needs to be tested for something else such as DNA, Leukosis, Milk Pregnancy, Blood Pregnancy, Johnes or BVD we are able to send it to another lab after we test it at our lab.

          We are a proud member of the National DHIA and fully certified each year by Quality Certification Services (QCS) to ensure we provide the most accurate results. At United DHIA we offer educational programs to enable employees and members to better utilize records to obtain the most value possible. Please check back to our site as we will post when our next training sessions will be. 
General Manager:
Anita Quesenberry

Lab Manager:
Sue Anne Boothe

Meter Technician:
Jason Williams

Lab Technicians:
Ronda Gautier
Autumn Farley

Truck Driver:
Jim Meyer

Field Technicians:
 Paige Atchison,  Mary Sue Boyette, Donald Brubaker, Darlene Crowe, Mike DeWilde, Michael Frazier,  Marty Grubbs,  Leslie Grubb, Priscilla Lane, Diane Miller, Judy Mills, Jan Nau, Patricia Poindexter, Lewis Porterfield, Brad Rector, Katie Williams, Jason Williams, Sandra Strawderman,
David Whitener, Kris Cormier, Mike Loveless, Zechariah Massey, Contessa Hedrick, Austin Cloer and Chelse Rector.

Board of Directors:       
Glen Easter (President)
George Rohrer (V-President)
Charlie Loyd(Secretary)
Casey Phillips (Treasurer)
Dennis Leamon
Coy Reese
Coley Drinkwater

Line 1 Fossomatic
ChemSpec for MUN testing
Line 2 Fossomatic
Collecting Samples
Double 8 Parallel with electronic meters